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As promised, here is a recording of me reading out Lilywoolf’s intro for the PIRATE issue! Please enjoy my horrible pirate voice.

Our Autumn issue for this year is still open for submissions until the 20th of September! Our Autumn theme this time is GHOSTS. If you would like to send us a ghostly comic, article, illustration, recipe, how-to, or anything else (including questions or problems for our resident agony aunt and font of knowledge, Poppet the House Hob), please email us at

For this issue we particularly encourage any ghost stories (real or fictional) and true-life paranormal experiences…

YESSSS!!! after making everyone giggle at cons sarah recorded it. 
And you know you wanna send something to the zine.

Sorry I know you probably don’t follow this blog because you like football. BUT LOOK AT THAT MOON GUYS.

We won 1-0. :P

full moon might have been awkward if there was any werewolf football players. :S

I still can’t really post anything I’m working on at the moment. I guess you’ll probably see some of it in a month or so.

I named those girls I keep drawing because the notes without names were confusing. I went with Beth (that girl with the salmon hair and camera) and Dani (pink eyebrows and acne. I nearly called her Grace because I didn’t think she suited any names, but I like one she doesn’t suit that can be shortened.). The intro I drafted is really dialogue heavy. It was really fun to write but probably too long. :(

oh and the boy they hang out with is Jay.

festivalponchos are banned from full colour comics.

festivalponchos are banned from full colour comics.

Monday 25th August 2014 @ Greenbelt Festival

So the weather forecast for Monday was constant rain all day. There was a slight gap after a opera singer scared the rain away before Folk On started. Then it just continued to rain until the last Big Top slot had finished. I can’t draw in rain so you just get photos and videos for the day. (Plus even when we were in tents my everything was wet and a bit muddy.)

Oh and we saw the end of a Outerspace panel which was really interesting (because the talk my parents were planning to go to got moved to a tent far too small for the demand.) .. but I ran into some homophobia recently that made me very cross with the church so anything like this is helpful.

The first photos are of Folk On (I have sketches of them from last year and probably some other times before that). They know how to get a big wet crowd to have a good time. Their fans wear caps with badges and slugs sewn on. :)

Then Hobbit came on the mainstage to do a solo slot. I don’t know how much people pay attention to these festival posts but Hobbit used to beatbox in a band called the Austin Francis Connection at Greenbelt every year for a while. My mum didn’t want to stand in the rain so I filmed some little clips for her. Since I have no sketches here they are …

I then rushed over to the poetry tent to see the 2nd part of Woken Spurred. Hosted by Harry Baker and featuring Vanessa Kisuule (in the photo), Josh Idehen and Hobbit again. This time Josh did a poem about Gandalf from LotR and then did another poem?(rap?) with Hobbit. They were all amazing, I really love the poetry events I’ve seen at Greenbelt over the past couple of years.

again another video just to show mum. the sound is a bit better on this one because it was quieter (but the loud bass was really great on the mainstage, its just a shame the camera can’t cope D: )

Tinariwen came on early because of the rain. Their music sounds so laid back. I’m really glad I got to see them. dancing in the rain with pie and mash. It would’ve been cool to do gig sketches, but you can see the rain issue.

then back to the Big Top for their headliners. Guess who is in there first?!! The Hummon family (for the 6th time over the weekend, thats no exaggeration I did a little count). And then Martyn Joseph again.

We were then told that the carparks where so muddy that everyone was advised not to leave the camp site until morning. But we had been staying off site so we had no tent to sleep in. :S but we went and chatted to some organisers to find out which carparks and stuff. The staff were lovely and we managed to get off site and home at around 1am :) Thanks for a great time greenbelt!!!

Sunday 24th August 2014 @ Greenbelt Festival

So we started Sunday like most mornings - listening to the Hummon family play (with josh) at the communion service. I inked up one of my character doodles from the weekend (they still don’t have names, but I reckon they’d love a festival).

Then it was time for THE RISING again (explanation on the saturday post). Artists this time left to right are Martyn Joseph, Rory Butler, Heather Hind and Chris T-T. The sketches are actually half the size of the others I did. I flipped the page because I was a bit fed up with drawing over the fold.

Sorry I’m not sure who the sheep art is by. Or any of the wonderful signs featured in these photosets.

Harry Baker hosted a poetry event on Sunday and Monday. It included jokemon (specialist pokemon jokes) and poets Zia Ahmed, Kareem Brown and Dizraeli (photos of his main stage show on saturday).

And then Jasmine Kennedy was back again this year! I didn’t draw her because I did last year, but Fee did and her sketch is so neat and lovely! <3 

Then I went over to the big top to see the Bethlehem Unwrapped showcase. Which included more falafel poems (I went to buy a falafel and the couple in front of me were telling them allll about this. I hope harry did manage to get a free falafel XD) and a lady singing in Spanish? (see tallis scholars?) It was much longer than I expected so I missed Gaggle on the mainstage :(. but the project was really interesting and you can read more about it here.

And thats about it for Sunday. we saw a couple of Sinead O’Connor songs but I started feeling unwell so we crashed early. My favourite song she sings on is actually a John Grant song. So there wasn’t much chance she’d do that one anyway.

Saturday 23rd August 2014 @ Greenbelt Festival PartA 2 (the first saturday party over here)

In the evening we went back to the canopy to see Ellie Rose play some more songs. We saw her at an event called The Rising hosted by Martyn Joseph. 4 singersongwriters sit in a row and play a couple of songs each which some questions in-between. They are encouraged to join in with each other. It’s a popular event for obvious reasons. So left to right is Martyn Joseph, Ellie Rose, Marcus Hummon (with lookwhoitisagain special guests Levi & Josh) and Beth Rowley.

*sorry I’m not really sure why someone gave her a pineapple .. something to do with her business cards?

Saturday 23rd August 2014 @ Greenbelt Festival PartA 1

Start your day listening to Brian McLaren say more useful things. (hahaa everyone in the photo is actually drying off after a rain shower, the big grey cloud responsible is behind us) Then walk through the Orchard and follow the golden arrows to the canopy. Guess who is playing in the Canopy? Levi Hummon with Josh and his dad again. No one is complaining, we have nice music, ginger biscuits and a blanket to sit on. 

ahh straight from the Nashville country music to hiphop on the mainstage. Stanley Odd (who brought the sunshine) followed by Dizraeli and the Small gods. Sammy, put your pen and camera down and do some dancing. This was one of my favourite bands of the whole weekend. :) 

…. to be continued

Friday 29th August 2014 @ Greenbelt Festival

We went to the festival opening ceremony and I tested out the zoom on the new camera. It would have been difficult to attend greenbelt and not see this band, they did like 3 million performances (and I suspect they had clones in order to do this.) I’m not complaining, they were very good. It was like having a permanent slide guitar soundtrack to your weekend. The Hummons for more.

The Hackney Colliery Band were great! I wish I got up and danced but everyone was sat down and I’m not that brave. This is music that is difficult to sit still to.

and then Stonoway headlining! They brought a million very subtly different acoustic guitars. and some nice loud electronic sounds.

I think we listened to Brian McClaren talk between the bands. He made a lot of sense. Just need to work on applying some of the stuff I learnt from panels and things this weekend. :T


Attention Woolves! What’s the Time, Mrs Woolf? is now accepting submissions for our Autumn 2014 issue! Our Autumnal theme this year is GHOSTS…

We will consider ghostly articles, comics, short stories, poetry, illustrations, recipes, instructions and how-tos, fact sheets, puzzles and anything else. If you’d like to read it when you pick up a zine, we’d like to see it! (Even if it’s not strictly ghost-themed.) For this issue we especially encourage classic and original ghost stories, and real-life paranormal experiences…

As usual our resident fairy, Poppet the House Hob, is also ready to answer questions and give advice and information to hapless humans. Questions for Poppet are always welcome!

The deadline for this issue is Saturday 20th September. Any submissions received after this date will be considered for the Spring zine.

Please send submissions to

The format is A5, black and white or greyscale, 300dpi JPEG files. If you’d like to submit a cover illustration, the cover format is A4 (landscape), full colour, 300dpi, JPEG. Please read our full submission guidelines for further information, or email/message us with any questions.

Please note: due to life events Lilywoolf and I have decided there will be no Winter zine this year. If you are thinking of submitting we encourage you to submit to this Autumn issue! While we do accept submissions at any time, the next zine after this one won’t be printed until Spring next year.

You know you want to submit something!!!


Avast, Woolves!

With rather un-piratelike apologies for the lateness of this post, we present the Summer 2014 PIRATES issue of What’s the Time, Mrs Woolf? for your viewing enjoyment! This issue contains articles, comics and illustrations from many dastardly wenches, and in the spirit of law-breaking and thievery a ROGUE MALE has even sneaked his way in…

In this issue:
A shockingly coloured internal cover by the talented Gem ‘She Got All The Gems’ Sheldrake.

Article: Lesbian Heroes: Anne Bonny and Mary Read by our own Lilywoolf.

Illustration: Things Sarah Sees: In The Living Room by Sarahwoolf (my own self).

Article: Oceans… Oceans… an article on the good lady Tetra in the pleasant parlour game Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by our ROGUE MALE, James ‘Long Jim Silver’ Smith.

Article: Sailing Superstitions, a fact sheet of some common nautical beliefs by Sarahwoolf.

Recipe: Old Jamaica Coco Pop Bars by Lilywoolf.

Comic: Pyrates by Meg ‘Grisly Girl O’ Golden Guineas’ Guindon.

Article: Sailor Moon vs Peppa Pig, an analysis of gender roles in children’s programming, by Nel ‘Nefarious Nautical’ McDonald.

Instructions: Sewing Sans Pattern: Adding A Sailor Collar by Sarahwoolf.

Comic: Pirate Radio by Mair ‘Terror Of Tortuga’ Thomas.

Article: Vile Bodies, an analysis of Mama Dola and the figure of the older woman in Studio Ghibli films by Lilywoolf.

Comic: Stale Symphony: Lost Socks Pirate by Sammy ‘Barbarian Of Barbados’ Borras.

Ask Another Question! our ship’s fairy answers the questions of another hapless human.

Special thanks to our own Lilywoolf, for doing the cover, intro, contents, credits and other extra admin stuff for this issue, allowing myself a much-needed break for some freelance jobs. Keep an eye on the woolfblog, for in thanks I will be recording myself reading her excellent pirate-voiced intro aloud and posting it here on the blog.

Arrrr, while we be takin’ this here issue and the three precedin’ to Comica Comiket tomorrow, that’s not a lot o’ notice fer an event, so this issue also be available for purchase on our online shop!

Thank you very much to everyone we saw at our table at Comiket! I’m really sorry for not going around the show to see people, I forgot the show had a early closing time and the next thing I knew we had to pack up. D: 

I took some photos of the drawing parade and got my copy of seconds signed! Katie looks so cute! (our table was on the 2nd floor right behind that pillar) And the Friday night interview with Bryan Lee O’Malley was really interesting. I wrote a couple of notes down about new things I learnt.

And thanks to Sarah for helping a very sleepy Sammy find nice new jumpers (I left some in the library and quickly got cold) and Hannah for making the long busy train journey home much more bearable and fun (and thank you again for the lift)

(And yes that sign is spelt a bit wrong. It’s Borras with 2 R’s)

Sammy, why did you pick something stupidly complicated for a warm up sketch?

Sammy, why did you pick something stupidly complicated for a warm up sketch?

I added some bundles to Etsy. You can now get #1 & #2 for £6 (save £1) or #1, #2 & Zines In Space for £7 (save £2)

I’m still trying to get good photos of the non space themed stock. I didn’t like the background I picked the this time.

And I’m hoping to get some great photos at Comiket this weekend. SEE YOU THERE!!

ok, so I’m very close to finishing my late spring cleaning. I thought I’d say hello since I’ve not posted in over a week and blogs probably wont be back to normal until tuesday at the earliest.

oh and don’t forget Comica Comiket is on next weekend. I’m sharing a half table with Sarah Fogg (so expect slightly limited stock)

reasons I will never be cool:

NUMBER 1: Scrap booking. actually this is something I’ve only just started trying. I’m a bit of a hoarder and I find it realllyyy difficult to bin things. In the past that has just meant I live in a small room surrounded by mess. I was quite hard on myself while I was sorting this time just because I would LOVE to have a nice space to work in. and now that it’s done I need a solution to prevent the mess just building back up again. and I think scrap booking might be the answer. not full on pretty twee things. just sticking tickets and greetings cards into a book so they can be flicked through rather than sat in a boxes probably getting damaged. I’d recommend trying if this problem sounds familiar. I know it’s not cool. but then many things good for you are not cool so whatever.

and how beautiful is that Natasha Khan song? *0*

Cake break!

Originally Giant Rhinos In Space was going to have the same brown lines … but it worked for like 2 minutes because space being mostly black and then having 2 goths as main characters. :T

hmm looking back the colour scheme and these 2 character designs are the only things I still like about those old comics.

and I really did see a cake this week which looked like a giant mushroom which sprouted out the ground and you could probably shelter under it.